TV Shows That Were Canceled After 1 Episode

Plus one that was canceled before the first episode finished airing!

EDITED BY LB TO ADD: TURN-ON, which was canceled in mid-appearance in 1969 must hold the record for shortest-lived series. Being an alte cocker, I was privileged to actually have seen the episode, and all I can say is I’ve seen worse – much worse – debuts for shows that went on for years. (In fact, some of my own shows come to mind.)


by Stacy Lambe

1. 1000 Ways To Lie (2010)
The show was a satire of another Spike series, 1000 Ways To Die. The network filmed 13 episodes but scrapped it after the premiere bombed.

2. Anchorwoman (2007)
The show starred Lauren Jones, a former The Price Is Right showcase model, as an aspiring news anchor in Tyler, Texas. FOX canceled the show after debuting two back-to-back episodes.

3. Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos (1992)
The America’s Funniest Home Videos spin-off is most famous for being yanked from the air during its premiere. It was that bad.

4. Babylon Fields (2007)
The dark comedy was about zombies who were just trying to pick up where their lives left off. Amber Tamblyn starred in this show, which was ahead of its time. CBS declined to pick up the show after it saw the pilot.

5. Battletoads (1992)
The Teenage Mutant Ninjas rival was never picked for a full season.

6. Beware Of Dog (2002)
The Look Who’s Talking-inspired show was narrated by a puppy just adopted by a new family. The program was the first (short-lived) sitcom for Animal Planet.

7. Co-Ed Fever (1979)
The CBS sitcom attempted to capture the success of Animal House but failed to attract viewers. Even though it only aired one episode, TV Guide named it one of the ’50 Worst Shows Of All Time.’

8. Comedians Unleashed (2002)
Animal Planet attempted to get in the comedy game with a stand-up comedy show focused on animal jokes.

9. Dot Comedy (2000)
The original Tosh.0 or Web Soup never made it past the pilot. America just wasn’t ready for a Internet clip show.

10. Emily’s Reasons Why Not (2006)
The ABC series centered on Heather Graham’s character who was a self-help book author who strikes out when it comes to love. Yeah, no.

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