Today’s TV Writing Deals Dept – 10/10/12

…And then there was the young actress who was so dumb (how dumb was she?) she screwed a writer.

  • Jon Robin Baitz (BROTHERS & SISTERS) is writing a limited run drama series based on the Australian series THE SLAP for NBC. (Although we doubt it’ll get on the air – no cops, no perps, no life or death; how can U.S. TV handle that?)
  • Neil Cross (LUTHER) is adapting The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard into a 10 episode series for NBC. (Sorry but we can’t think of anything snarky to say about the guy who created LUTHER. Well, except that we thought his novel based on the show was, um, badly written. Guess TVWriter™ will have to run a review of it sometime.)
  • Chris McKenna (COMMUNITY, THE MINDY PROJECT) is writing a sitcom about a family of orphans being raised by their oldest brother, the black sheep, for NBC. (Can’t snark about this either because…orphans? black sheep brother? who even cares…?)
  • Michael Questa (HOMELAND) and Gerald Questa (his brother) are writing SECOND SIGHT an adaptation of a British series about a detective who goes blind, for CBS. (So much room for snark on this easy target that we’re just not going to go there. We need a challenge, you know?)
  • Chris Fedak (CHUCK) is adapting Scott Westerfeld’s Midnighters book trilogy for Fox (Hey, we liked CHUCK, so we’re happy to congratulate Chris on finally getting another gig. That isn’t snarky at all, right?)