TNT Renews PERCEPTION for a 2nd Season

…Making our boss very happy because, well, maybe we shouldn’t say this, but because he identifies with all the psycho series leads. Bobby Goren. Gregory House. Monk. And now Eric McCormack’s Daniel Pierce.

(EDITED BY LB TO ADD: FTR, I’ve never identified with Monk, munchman. With me, it’s all about the hard cases.)

In addition to McCormack as the nutjob “neuroscience professor” as the show calls his profession (it also calls his condition “paranoid schizophrenia,” which we’re sure is authentic and, as presented here, way cool), PERCEPTION also gives us Rachel Leigh Cook as the professor’s eye-popping (hey, she looks great) FBI agent handler and LeVar Burton as his pop-eyed (really, they bug out all over the place as though he forgot how to use them by playing that dood on NEXT GEN for so long) university boss.

There are other actors too, but the important guy here is creator/executive producer Ken Biller, who evidently is succeeding in making a lot of viewers, some key network executives, and at least one paranoid schizophrenic wannabe we know very happy.

Ken Biller