munchman: The Web Video They Don’t Want You to See

“They” being him. As in LB. Because he doesn’t want to offend those I know and love as “The Hot, Wet, & Wild Babes of TVWriter™.”

What? That offends you too? But I’m being nice…nevermind, I get it. Now I know why I’m always so alone…

Where was I? Oh, right, that web video. Watch it. Love it. Prove to LB that he’s wrong and you’re big enough to embrace the:

Starring Olivia Munn, William Daniels, and some cutish kinda guy whose very existence makes me the Invisible Man:

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2 thoughts on “munchman: The Web Video They Don’t Want You to See”

  1. How did they get William Daniels for this? Anyway, it’s kinda funny as a fake preview, I just hope they don’t try to make it bigger, um, expand it, er, oh dear.

    1. Um…how did they get Olivia Munn? She’s a much bigger deal right now than William Daniels was back in the day.

      And, sorry, but I refuse to comment on the justice or injustice of that.



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