We found NAOC kind of irritating but admit it probably was because we wanted Christine to be more like – yeah, we know it’s silly – SEINFELD’s Elaine.

CBS Buys Kari Lizer Comedy As Put Pilot – by Nellie Andreeva

Kari Lizer is back at CBS. Two years after the cancellation of her CBS comedy The New Adventures Of Old Christine, the network has given a put pilot commitment to a new multi-camera comedy project from the writer-producer. It marks a departure for Lizer as it is her first show that doesn’t have a female lead. The untitled sitcom centers on a guy who finally meets the woman of his dreams but she happens to be his cousin’s fiancée. Warner Bros. TV, where Lizer is based, is producing with her Kari’s Logo Here banner.

For the two development cycles after the May 2010 cancellation of Old Christine, which came down to the wire and didn’t allow Lizer to give the five-year comedy a proper ending, she opted to take her projects elsewhere. She pitched CBS, which had been courting her for while, earlier this week. In a great meeting, CBS execs bought the project in the room, bringing Lizer back to the network where she has had her biggest success to date.

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“In a great meeting, CBS execs bought the project in the room….” Not exactly the language of journalism, but, hey, if makes us feel like we’re part of something, right? We like to think that the web is a lot like quantum mechanics. Web-writing about reality automatically changes it – just like observing reality changes that.

And you didn’t believe TVWriter™ was dee-eep.