Peggy Bechko: What Every Writer Needs To Know About Rejection

NOTE FROM LB: One thing I’ve learned during my long (Yikes! Sooo long indeed!) career is that unlike other so-called verities, artistic truth is for all practical purposes eternal.

In this article from 2013, one of TVWriter™’s favorite writers and even more favorite human beings, Peggy Bechko, gives us a thoughtful lesson  we all need, in practical and creative truth.

Writers Dealing With Rejection
by Peggy Bechko

battle angelOkay, the truth hurts. The fact is no matter how good a writer you are, no matter how persistent and devoted to your writing, you’re going to receive rejections. read article

Did We Mention That the TVWriter™ Theme for the Day is – Rejection! (Part 2)

Time now for more happy thoughts.

In the post just below this one, we gave (give?) you one expert opinion on handling assholes who don’t understand your work the note-givers you work for. Here’s another perspective from fan favorite Peggy Bechko:

battle angel

Writers Dealing With Rejection
by Peggy Bechko read article