8 Questions about Agents Every Screenwriter Wants Answered Right Now

Chad Gervich is one of our favorite writers about writing for TV. Check out this article based on a chapter in his new book and you’ll see what we mean:

by Chad Gervich

how-to-manage-your-agent1.) What does an agent do if a client is passionate about writing something the agent feels is un-commercial?

Scott Hoffman, Folio Literary Management: It depends on the client, and it depends on the project. There are projects you think are entirely wrong projects, career killers, and there are projects that are just not the right next project for a client, in which case you have a dialogue about each of your respective roles, and what the benefits and drawbacks are to each specific party. [Likewise], if a client turns in work that happens to be not their best work, or not up to the kind of quality you as an agent feel you would like to represent, it’s up to you to have an open and frank discussion and say, ‘I don’t feel comfortable sharing this [with buyers]. read article