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Which new TV show will be your crack? Our First Impressions!
by Charlie Jane Anders

Every year, television offers you a herd of new shows. Some will become your new favorite series, while others will earn your everlasting hate. And our first clues as to which are which come from the pilots. Last night at San Diego Comic Con, we watched the pilots for five new TV shows — including Arrow and Eric Kripke’s Revolution.

Here’s our spoiler-lite round-up of our early reactions to five shows that are coming to your screens soon…The usual caveats apply — what we were shown last night were probably early cuts of these pilots, and they may change a lot before they air. And these are just our initial impressions.

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Are we hungover? Stoned? Still  asleep? All these shows sound great. Can it be that TV is finally understanding the genre? Or is Charlie Jane Anders simply the most wonderfully enthusiastic writer on the web since…since…hmm, don’t think we’ve ever read a “wonderfully enthusiastic writer on the web.”