Top TVWriter™ Posts for the Week Ending 12/14/12


Here they are, the most viewed TVWriter™ posts for the week ending Friday, December 14th:

Welcome to the Alternate Dimension Where Writers are Stars read article

SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Finalists Will Be Announced Monday

That’s Monday, September 3rd. As soon as we wake up and have our coffee Bright and early.

Join us here and contribute your own shout of glee.

LB: “OK, So I Lost!”

Writing contests like TVWriter™ ‘s own People’s Pilot and Spec Scriptacular can be wonderful experiences, validating all the blood, sweat, and tears new writers have put into learning their craft, and that’s why we sponsor them. But, unfortunately, everyone can’t win. Contests, like life, just don’t work that way. Does not winning mean that the entire experience is invalid?

Hell no. read article

Even the Writers Guild Understands How Important Contests Have Become

…Especially for TV writers:

I got the above email yesterday and really was amazed that the WGAw has actually been holding a contest – for members only – for four years. It took me completely by surprise. read article

It’s Official: SPEC SCRIPTACULAR Semi-Finalists Will Be Announced in a Week & a Half

That’s the week of August 20th that we’re talking about, ladies and gents, boys and girls, moms and dads, et al. (Don’t want to leave anybody out.)

So snuggle up to the interweb appliance of your choice and get ready. read article