Does It Bother Anybody Else That WIZARDS vs. ALIENS is Crap?


When we hear the news that Russell T. Davies, the humanistic genius who regenerated DOCTOR WHO and brought it to a whole new generation of TV viewers, was doing another science fiction series, WIZARDS vs. ALIENS, we jumped up and down with joy.

“Huzzah!” we shouted to nobody in particular. “RTD’s back in command of a cool sounding show. He’ll show Melancholy Moff [Steven Moffatt, who took over as writer-showrunner of DOCTOR WHO after RTD left] how the job is done.”

Then we got more news, learning that this time around Russell the Magnificent was teaming up with writer Phil Ford, who helped him produce the WHO spinoff, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, and we started to get nervous. Cuz THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES was nowhere near in DOCTOR WHO’s league. It was kind of like THE POWER RANGERS, only without the Japanese toy fight footage…and with even shallower characterization. The only thing about THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES that worked was its star, Elizabeth Sladen, who sadly died of cancer, bringing the series to an end.

Still, we stayed hopeful. Until…oh, this is so hard to think about, and even harder to say…until we saw an episode of W vs A on a trip to London  last year.

“OMG!” we shouted to nobody in particular once again. “This show makes SARAH JANE look good. Alack! Alas! Oy vay! Oh well, maybe it’ll just stay in the UK, boring small children into puddles.”

But it isn’t staying in the UK. It’s coming here, to the Good Ole USA this Saturday night at 7 pm Eastern Time on Hub Network. And after the debut it’ll return to continue its brain-and-soul-numbing ways at 7:30 Eastern Time on future Saturdays.

We’re sorry to have to say all this. Our leader, LB, asked for a little promo for the show because he too has been an RTD fan for years, but we have to be truthful, you know? See for yourselves, if you must, but not on Hub. (Question: What the hell is Hub Network? When did that happen?) Stroll through YouTube and check out the various woozily worrisome Wizards uploads and discover why they have so few visitor views.

Here’s the one we found that’s had the most eyes on it…not quite 3000 at our last look:

Advance Look at Wizards & Aliens

…’Cuz the last season and a half of DOCTOR WHO have made us miss Russell T. Davies more than we ever thought we would:

Wizards Vs Aliens: Dawn Of The Nekross spoiler-free review – by Jeams Peaty

Imaginative, enchanting, and entertaining, Russell T Davies’ new CBBC series is a fitting successor to The Sarah Jane Adventures…

1.1 & 1.2 Dawn Of The Nekross

From the creative team that brought us the award winning The Sarah Jane Adventures,Wizards vs Aliens arrives laden with far more expectation and attention than your standard CBBC series launch.

Co-created by former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies and SJA lead writer Phil Ford,WvA’s pedigree is first-rate, but does its opening adventure, Dawn of the Nekross, deliver on the promise of its brilliantly on-the-nose central conceit?

Thankfully that answer is a resounding ‘yes’, thanks in no small part to a strong script from series co-creator Ford, confident and stylish direction from Daniel O’Hara, and committed performances from series leads Scott Haran and Percelle Ascot.

Following the classic Davies template of bold storytelling filled with striking and memorable images, the series opens with a pre-credits scene involving alien first contact above an ancient stone circle. Neatly bringing together the two elements at the heart of the show – science fiction and magic – in a single sequence, this tease not only sells the central concept of the show, but also the ambition and scale of the piece in one confident brushstroke.

Read it all

What a great review! We weren’t all that familiar with DOCTOR WHO till Russell Davies showed us what’s what. So even though we’ve felt just a tad too old to be the intended audience for THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES you can bet we’ll be watching WIZARDS & ALIENS and rooting for its success.