Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/20/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Jay Scherick & David Ronn (THE SMURFS) are developing a reboot of the old REMINGTON STEELE private eye series for NBC, where it’ll be a half-hour comedy.  (We refuse to joke about this because, let’s face it, the punchlines come way too easy.)
  • Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein (THE VOW) are developing an ABC comedy series about a group of friends who leave the big city to live in the Mississippi delta. (Cuz the only old sitcom that’s never been rebooted/stolen/you name it is GREEN ACRES, so its time definitely is now.)
  • Ian Goldberg (ONCE UPON A TIME) is writing the pilot for COLONY, a CW drama that transfers the Roanoke Colony mystery to, um, Mars. (Personally, we’d rather see Ray Bradbury writing this – dead or alive.)
  • Mark Steven Johnson (GHOST RIDER) is writing a CBS drama pilot called GENERATION NEXT about some kind of deadly disease stuff happening in the future. (Personally, we’d rather see Ray Bradbury or his corpse do this one too.)
  • Shane Kosakowski & Franklin Hardy (RUNNING WILDE) are writing a to-be-named pilot now referred to as THE BERT KREISCHER PROJECT for a series about a 40 year old party animal who decides it’s time to grow up. (Starring – hmm – Bert Kreischer, who evidently is a 40 year old party animal who also has decided it’s time to grow up.)
  • Andy Mogel & Jarrad Paul (ALLEN GREGORY) are writing the pilot for a Fox comedy called ALL BUSINESS which seems to be a comedy about a guy who buys a woman’s business because he wants to get close to her. (Cuz rich stalkers are the talk of the town/salt of the earth now, whereas not-so-rich ones, well…