munchman: Romance Writing Tips (WTF?)


Because we know some of you may want/need these (FTR: I don’t.):

5 Romance Writing Tips from Sarah MacLean
By Jason Boog

1. No Mary Sues. Ever! Boring heroines are, in my opinion, the most common romance mistake. We loathe hanging out with women who define themselves purely through their relationships…why would we want to read about them? Make sure your heroine has a purpose. Make sure she has character. Make sure we like her *without* her hero. That will make her journey toward love that much more rewarding.

2. Heroes can (and should) be flawed. I real life, I’d say that your commitment-phobe/narcissist/bad boy boyfriend is a lost cause, but romance is shelved in fiction for a reason. Here, we get to test the old adage of love conquering all…and it had better conquer without question. Don’t be afraid to give your hero flaws. And once you do, don’t be afraid to make him face them. read article