Silicon Valley conquers Hollywood, part 3 — think small, not big

The last installment of Robert X. Cringely’s advice for the combatants in the knock-down drag-out Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley battle:


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Silicon Valley conquers Hollywood, part 2 — There’s no business like show business

Yesterday we brought you Part 1 of Robert X. Cringely’s look at showbiz and the tech biz and how they’re each trying to screw the other trying to work together. Time now for Part 2:


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Silicon Valley conquers Hollywood 2013 — Setting the scene

We at TVWriter™ have been big fans of geek writer Robert X. Cringely since the days when that name first appeared in InfoWorld magazine, and we currently follow Cringely.Com avidly.

Several writers have written under this pseudonym, and we have a sneaking suspicion that our favorite user of that name wasn’t the man currently using it. (That would be whomever gave delighted nerd readers “Pammy.”) We know we’re being a bit opaque here, but a thorough discussion of the Robert X. Cringely monicker would take pages and, most likely, have nothing to do with television or television writing.

The following article, however, is the first of a 3 part discussion of how showbiz and the tech biz work, both together and apart, and is as insightful as all get-out. So our thanks to Cringe as we urge everyone interested in knowing more about how Hollywood works to dig in: read article