LB: Why I Love Where I Live

Um, well, actually I always love where I live. Because why would I live where I didn’t?

But my current location at the top of the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest has a certain amazingness you just can’t find anywhere else.

I’m talking about last weekend’s big two day festival, a race between homemade vehicles that attracts creative and not so creative people from all around the world, the spirit of which is best captured in this description by Good Pal and occasional TVWriter™ contributor Invisible Mikey:

Our season of festivals ends each year with a contest.  You can’t win by being the best.  The results have no value except to amuse.  It’s a celebration of imagination, combining art and adaptive mechanics.  It’s a Kinetic Sculpture Race!  No advanced degrees required.

The vehicles must be human-powered.  They must be built to travel on land, in water, and through daunting mud pits.  The top trophy, the Mediocrity Award, is earned by the entry judged to be the exact “middle of the pack”.

That’s right, kids. Being creative doesn’t always have to be about writing. It can be about wonderful real life adventures like this:

For all you completists, here’s Mikey’s complete report.

Oh, and here’s another pic, this time including TVWriter™ HQ:

PT aerial view