Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/14/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Bridget Tyler (BURN NOTICE) is writing the USA pilot HORIZON, a science fiction show set during World War II. (Because, evidently, network executives think the current generation of TV viewers, who’ve barely even heard of WWII will care.)
  • Unknown Writer (um, do we really have to explain why we aren’t putting some credits in here?) will soon be writing the ABC pilot BASTARDS, about a Cuban-American family that discovers the family patriarch had a child with the family’s maid decades ago. (Because network executives think Ahnold has made maid-shtupping cool?)
  • Philip Gawthorne (EASTENDERS, among other UK shows) is writing the pilot for the drama HUMAN ERROR for Starz. The show is about a “synthetic” human detective in the near future. (Because Data is the most popular member of the cast on all versions of STAR TREK re-runs. Or not.)
  • Gideon Raff (Israeli version of TYRANT) has written the pilot for, yes, a U.S. version of the same show for FX. TYRANT tells what happens to a modest American family when it’s drawn into the conspiracies of a “turbulent Middle Eastern nation.” (Why is FX bothering to make the family American when this show is clearly going to be all about Israel? Could it be because U.S. audiences are considered the most xenophobic in the world? Hmm?)
  • Robert Zemeckis (BACK TO THE FUTURE) is reviving his feature film, DEATH BECOMES HER, a comedy about 2 bitchy women who take an eternal youth serum and must live forever with its consequences, as a drama for Bravo. (Why a drama? Because making it a sitcom would be too sane an idea, of course!)