Thoughts About Women, Purses, and Their Place on TV, Film & – OMG! – Real Life

by Elizabeth English

Do you ever wonder how it is possible that women in movies & TV almost never carry purses? Somehow, they go out for the day without a purse, drive a car, talk on their cell phones, use their credit card, and All without a purse to hold them, or pockets.

Even in cop shows, guns, handcuffs, car keys, flashlight, cell phones, etc. arrive in their hands without any place to hold them prior to their use!

Example: Julia Roberts’ character in the Pretty Woman film, dressed in a skin-tight mini dress, spends the day going around Beverly Hills ?in taxis, shopping at all the exclusive boutiques and ?stores, having lunch in a restaurant, & etc., then returns to her hotel room, without a purse to hold her credit card, lipstick, hairbrush, Kleenex, hotel keys, money, or anything else she may need for all of these activities. It’s the fantasy magic of film, apparently! read article