munchman: HAWAII FIVE-0’s Latest Desperate Move

five-o-recordHaving given up on producing a series viewers might actually want to see, CBS has turned to one of the most uncreative gimmicks known to man. In fact, it’s so uncreative that it’s…well, it’s remarkably like the rebooted version of FIVE-0.

In a not-very-original-or-even-twisty take on the ole “Hey, kids, why don’t you write this show/story/book/movie instead of us?” trope, the network has announced some idiocy it calls the “Fan Built Five-0 Initiative,” through which viewers can vote online for an episode’s various story points, after which the show’s writers (we’re using the term loosely here) will turn the winning points into a script.

Of course, you can’t just feed them any crime, victim, murder weapon, evidence, suspect, or “takedown” (whatever that is). You have to pick from the show’s already pretty damn limited – make that very damn limited – and quite specific list. So that what you choose can, you know, be incorporated into the script that they’ve already written by the numbers, I assume. Just like all of HAWAII FIVE-0’s other by-the-numbers episodes.

img_news_coin_flip No, TVWriter™ isn’t linking to the scene of the crime where this murder of creativity and viewer good will is taking place. Consider that just one of the many public services this site regularly provides.

Actually, I’m smiling as I write this because bright side: CBS is throwing this Hail Mary due to the exciting fact that ratings for this piece of crap are so low (down 21% in the key demo) that it’s pretty much doomed to become history soon.

What was that sound? Oh, right. The real McGarrett heading his head against the coffin CBS has put him in.