Support Your Local Virgin

…Um, on Kickstarter, we mean.

This just in from Matt Wilson, one of TVWriter™’s favorite people. And, since Matt says it better than we can:

In the golden age of Hollywood a screenwriter would go to a studio mogul’s office and pitch his idea for a movie.  If the mogul didn’t like it, he’d say “Get out of my office!” and that would be that.  But if he liked it he’d say “Let’s make a picture!” and weeks later the film would be in production.  Movies were made simply because they sounded like a good idea.

Times have changed.  Studios aren’t looking for ideas anymore. They’re looking for brands.  So if you’re not pitching a sequel, remake, or something with Tom Cruise attached, they’re not interested. But technology has changed as well.  Small budget, creative films like “Napoleon Dynamite” changed the game.  You don’t need a studio to make a good movie anymore.  You just need a good idea.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I want to pitch you an idea for a movie.  It’s called “The Virgins,” and it’s a comedy about a couple who save themselves for marriage, even though they will only have one night together before the groom has to leave for the Army.  The night of the wedding they get locked out of their honeymoon cottage and end up on a wild adventure.  All they want is to make it back to town so they can find a hotel for the night, but everything they do seems to push them further away.  And things get far worse when their family members find out and offer their “help”.

Do you think that sounds like a good idea for a movie?  If you were the studio mogul behind the desk would you say “Let’s make a picture!” ?  Well here is how you can make it happen – I am starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make the movie.  You can see the info here:

Matt needs 50 grand to make this happen, and he’s looking for 1000 people to pre-order a DVD of the film for $50 each. You’ll have to wait 9 months for him to make the movie after the Kickstarter thing closes (in 35 days and counting down), but investors will have the satisfaction of knowing the movie exists because they ordered the DVD.

And, who knows? Maybe he’ll even invite you to the set to mingle with the stars? (Willya, Matt? Huh? Huh? Please?)

All in all, this project sounds My-T-Fine to us. Good luck, Matt! Keep us posted!