Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/22/12

“California dreamin’, on a winter’s day…” (In other words, yes, dammit, you have to live in L.A. to write for Major League TV!)

  •  Chris Fedak (CHUCK) is writing the pilot for a Fox drama based on Midnighters, Scott Westerfield’s Young Adult trilogy about, um, creepy kids. (This is the third try at such a project and as such is subject to competing superstitions about what happens with 3 chances. Good luck, Chuck Chris!)
  • Rob Thomas (VERONICA MARS) is writing the pilot for METROPOLIS, a CW drama based on a UK series about recent college grads trying to adjust to the real world. (Has the CW ever set a series in the real world before? Maybe they should make this a sitcom?)
  • Liz Garcia & Josh Harto (creators of MEMPHIS BEAT) have a sold a pilot called THE INFERNO to NBC. (NBC is calling this a “dark drama about two New York restaurateurs who hire a mysterious Italian chef,” which makes a lot of sense when you hear that Gordon Ramsay is producing. )
  • Moira McMahon (GREY’S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE) is writing the pilot for NBC’s MADDOX, a “supernatural medical drama. (We’re not gonna mock this one because the People’s Pilot winner just a couple of years ago was a similarly themed show. We are, however, suggesting that the PP winning writer check into this because, oh, you know…)
  • Moe Jelline (YOU AGAIN) will write the pilot for DIRTY GIRLS, an ABC sitcom about a group of women friends and their dirty little secrets. (What interests us here is that this is the 6th project so far this season that producer Mark Gordon has sold to ABC, which tells us that all of you out there should be calling his company instead of reading this right now!)