The Perfect Last-Minute Christmas Gift for your TV Writer – And It’s Almost Free!

$4.99, to be precise. Not bad, eh? Especially since it’s one helluva book.

TVW Kindle Cover 625 x 1000 sm

Written by TVWriter™’s boss – Larry Brody, a writer-producer with 40 years of experience in every aspect of television – Television Writing from the Inside Out is a true Insider’s Guide that offers his unique expertise and an outlook that’s the direct result of having written and produced almost 1000 hours of television of all types, from daytime serials to animated children’s series to syndicated, cable, and U.S. and European network primetime series, pilots, and Movies of the Week.

This book examines the entire procedure not only creatively but in terms of how television actually operates. TV as a medium is both creative and commercial, but this really isn’t a fact to be bemoaned. Instead, Television Writing from the Inside Out shows how to make the situation work for you by using creative elements for commercial ends–and commercial elements for creative ones. In fact, it’s so practical that it tells you what neighborhoods to live in when you move to L.A., how to dress, even what kind of car to drive. read article

LB: Did You Know You Can Read Kindle Books w/o Having a Kindle?

Whoa, I just found out. (Thanks to my wonderful wife Gwen the Beautiful, who’d assumed I had the info all along.)

Get yer Kindle Cloud Reader here

Turns out that Amazon.Com has this Cloud Reader app that lets you read any Kindle purchase on your computer, just like a PDF!

Yeah, I know how that sounds. I’m trying too hard with the positive spin thing, right? But I really do think this is cool…and the Kindle edition of Television Writing from the Inside Out costs 1/3 less than the PDF version did. And 3/3 less today and tomorrow because today and tomorrow it’s FREE. read article