How Come People Never Ask “Why are Kickstarter Projects so Bad?”

…After all, nobody’s shy about asking that question about TV. Well, if you’ve always wanted to know, we read the article below as addressing the Kickstarter even though it doesn’t directly come out with it. Instead, it just jumps at our faces like a, well, terrier:

Exclusive: Shawn Ryan in talks to revive Terriers via Kickstarte – by Peter White

Shawn Ryan, creator of The Shield and executive producer of forthcoming ABC drama Last Resort, is in talks to produce a two hour movie based on cancelled FX comedy drama Terriers through crowd funding site Kickstarter.

He would become the most high profile TV producer to raise funds through the nascent funding service.

The show which was created by Ted Griffin, was cancelled in December 2010 after its first season on the US cable network.

However, Ryan told TBI that he doesn’t think the stories “have been rung out” and following surprisingly high viewing figures from online video service Netflix, would like to try and work with Griffin to close it off via a two hour TV movie.

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See, to us here’s the thing: TERRIERS was possible the most insufferably smug, self-satisfied piece of police procedural poop to ever be flung in our faces, and the attitude of snatching money from Kickstarter’s legions to continue crapping on audiences is just more of the same. So although we’ve never done this before, we have a recommendation to make about this project. Shawn Ryan has plenty of money of his own and even more contacts. We say, “Pass.”