Kathy Fuller: In Defense of Binge Viewing

by Kathy Fuller

Or as I like to say, Ken Levine doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

This may or may not have been me this past week.
This may or may not have been me this past week.

Totes kidding–Ken makes some valid points in his post about binge viewing, especially about the shared TV viewing experience that comes with everyone in the country watching the same cliffhanger and discussing it at work/school/with a friend on a rotary phone…

Yeah, I said rotary. And perhaps many of you are wondering WTH is that? Because if you’re going to talk about your favorite show, it’s not going to be around a cliched water cooler, but on the internet. Twitter, a message board, a TV community–this is where people talk about the shows they obsess about love, and time is fluid on the web. So what if I didn’t watch the Breaking Bad finale until four days after it aired? I can find a message board where they are still talking about it. Dissecting every detail. Establishing conspiracy theories about the actors and writers. Stating how they would rewrite the episode. And that’s way more fun than chit chatting about The Walking Dead five minutes before your fourth class of the day. read article