…The show’s creator is hoping this will seal the deal:


Venture Bros. Season 5 Update with Teaser Images by Jackson Publick read article

The Venture Brothers have a Halloween Special! Yay!

We loves us our Venture Brothers, especially in small doses. (Because otherwise the show can be kinda overwhelming, you know?)

Today’s excitement consists of 2 kinds of joy:

1) An interview with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick discussing Season 5 (which will start in 2013) and the Halloween Special airing October 28th at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim: read article

Jackson Publick Has Some VENTURE BROTHERS News

Awesome art from the upcoming season premiere of THE VENTURE BROTHERS:

See more pics and read Jackson Publick’s heartwarming declaration of, “We love you,” d but don’t expect to find out when we’re going to be able to see the almost-completed Season 5 because that’s just too much to ask of these doods, we suppose. How much would it really hurt them to be just a %$#!in’ tad more forthcoming? Huh? Huh? Jeeze!