Two Very Cool Creepy Things

The First Very Cool Creepy Thing:

666 Park Avenue – Pilot Review
by Kyle

Evil has a wickedly delicious new home Sundays this Fall on ABC…

The cinematography in the Pilot Episode was spectacular, with eerie lighting and camera movement to create a glossy but dark tone for the show. The episode was also very well-written, with several jaw-dropping moments and a cliffhanger at the end that will certainly leave viewers wanting more. While not much is given away about why the incidents that occur in the Pilot are happening, viewers do get an insight into the lives of the residents who live there, who all seem to have made a deal with the devil for a better, more comfortable life.

666 Park Avenue is dark, scary and seductive and is easily one of the best new shows of the fall season.

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(And, no, we’re not saying this review is creepy cool, we’re talking about the show.)

The Second Very Cool Creepy Thing:

Augmented Reality Girlfriend
by John Farrier

I weep that I went through my teenage years with nothing remotely like this technological marvel:

The character chosen to show off this augmented reality girlfriend tech is [Hatsune Miku], a voice synthesizer personified as a doll-eyed anime avatar. [Miku] is an immensely popular character in Japan, with thousands of people going to her concerts, so choosing her for this augmented reality girlfriend project was an obvious choice.

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Idoru lives! And we don’t know whether to laugh or cry.