Get Your Free Copy of “Television Writing from the Inside Out”

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If you’re on the TVWriter™ e-newsletter mailing list, a copy of this important announcement (and several other announcements) should already be in your inbox. But if you aren’t on the list, here’s the Big Scoop:

A couple of weeks ago we announced the publication of the revised and updated Kindle version of the boss’ best-selling how-to-write book, Television Writing from the Inside Out. It’s a great book. We love it. And so have thousands of readers and reviewers over the past few years.

Because we value this book so highly, we want it to get into the hands and e-readers of as many people as possible, and in order to do that, LB has decided to make the Kindle version available for nothing – that’s right, absolutely free – today, December 5th, and tomorrow, December 6th. As the man himself told us:

“Today (the 5th) is my birthday, and I’m a big believer in birthday presents. But since I’ve already have a hell of a lot more birthdays than I expected, and received far more presents than I deserve, this year I’d like to do the gift-giving thing instead of gift-getting. So if you hurry to Amazon.Com before midnight on December 7th, your free Television Writing from the Inside Out book will be waiting.”

This offer is good for 2 days only, so we suggest you click HERE and take advantage of the best deal ever on the best television (and screen) writing book you’ll ever read!

Lest we forget: You’ll find several reviews of the Kindle version at the link above. If you want to get more opinions, check out what readers have said about the trade paperback HERE.

And if you love the Kindle version then you read it, please write a review of your own!

There ya have it. Now don’t just sit there, download your free e-book!