Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/16/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Jason Gunn (WILFRED) is adapting the Peruvian comedy MY PROBLEM WITH WOMEN for ABC…in English even! (Cuz it’s new! Different! Exciting! What? It isn’t? Then here’s an even better reason: It’s already a hit somewhere!)
  • Robin French & Kieron Quirke (CUCKOO) are adapting their UK comedy series (CUCKOO, yep) about a family’s reaction when their daughter returns from vacation married to a charming “hippie moron” for NBC. (Cuz the NBC suits couldn’t find anything not already written in English that was nearly so killer.)
  • Emily Kapnek (SUBPURGATORY) is writing the pilot for the ABC comedy SELFIE, rumored to be a variation of MY FAIR LADY about a young woman who makes it big on Facebook for all the wrong reasons. (If you’re familiar with MY FAIR LADY you’ll see the resemblance right away. What? You are and you don’t? Son of a bitch, would you believe those development fuckers are lying to us yet again?)
  • Joel Stein (we don’t know who he is, but he sounds like the kind of nice, Jewish boy our mom always wanted us to bring home) is writing MY EX LIFE, a comedy about a divorced dad who is totally jealous of his wife’s new boyfriend, for Fox. (Cuz we’re all jealous of our ex’s new mates and will identify all the way, right? Well maybe not all of us. We, for one, have absolutely nothing but pity for whomever is currently shacking up with our sonuvabitch cheating heart ex!)
  • Andrew Cosby (EUREKA) has sold his spec drama, STRANGE FICTION, to NBC. (And we’re hoping that, drama or not, it has the same wit and humor our dearly departed old Syfy fave brought to the screen for so many years.)
  • Sue Chung (Newbie! Yay!) has sold her spec pilot, ALLEGIANCE, about a young woman FBI agent chasing the deadliest domestic terrorist in history – her mother – to ABC. (Cuz it’s new! Different! Exciting! Yes, we know we’ve said that before, but this time it might actually be true!)