More Men Writers on GIRLS Than Women Next Season

Apropos of the hullabaloo about the understaffing of women (and all other minority) writers on TV:

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The Girls Writers’ Room Is Now Over 50% Male
by Madeleine Davies

Season two of Girls is close to wrapping up and, alongside the season finale, so goes the several of the successful show’s staff writers. As it turns out, many of the series’ scribes were quietly let go last fall which is around the same time that they would have been expected to start planning Season 3. As of now, no plans have been made to replace them. read article

What’s Up With Inequality?

Hey! It’s that time of the year again!

You know what time I’m talking about! The week to two weeks that every major organization tracking gender diversity in theatre/television/film creation releases their terrible statistics on how few women and people of color are making their way to the top of their profession so we can write angry blog posts about it for a week and then go back to business as usual!

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