Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/28/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are=&0=&Diablo Cody (JUNO) has already been declared the official creator of an as yet unwritten but nevertheless still purchased HBO series based on Julie Holland’s upcoming book Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You’re Taking, the Sex You’re Not Having, The Sleep You’re Missing and What’s Really Making You Crazy. (No, we don’t know why Ms. Holland hasn’t been pegged as creator. Evidently her agent/lawyer/manager doesn’t have the pull Diablo’s does. Hope JH is at least getting major $$$ for the sale.) Steve Callaghan (THE FAMILY GUY) has a new overall deal at 20th Century Fox TV. (Dude went from writers assistant to showrunner. We love him! Now will ya take that meeting with us, Steve? Please?) Rolin Jones (UNITED STATES OF TARA) has sold KNIFEMAN, a historical series about “a charming, arrogant, decorum-breaking genius who challenges societal norms to transform his visions into cutting-edge discoveries” to AMC. (Don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but this sounds more “hysterical” than “historical” to us. Especially the “decorum-breaking” thing. Ooh, talk about edgy…) Jason Cahill (FRINGE) has written the pilot for another AMC series, GALYNTINE, about the scattered survivors of a future apocalypse trying to get by. (This could be cooler than it sounds cuz what happens is that these messed-up survivors not only don’t have technology, they’ve fucking banned it…which means that they’re way behind the survival 8-ball. Kind of like 98% of the current population of the U.S….but we know TV exchews social commentary, so of course that can’t be….)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/24/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon (PREACHER comic series) are developing the comic about a Texas preacher and the various manifestations of evil he hangs with as a series for AMC. (And we think it could really work there cuz it makes BREAKING BAD look all warm and fuzzy.)
  • Jan Nash (MEMPHIS BEAT) is the new showrunner on RIZZOLI & ISLES. (So if you know her, time to take the nice lady to lunch and pitch your little heart out while she’s still re-staffing.)
  • Chad Kultgen (THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE) has written the pilot for NBC’s BAD JUDGE, a comedy about a “hard-living, sexually unapologetic woman” who also happens to be a criminal court judge. (We see exactly how this would work as a drama. But comedy? We’re looking forward to seeing this one to find out.)
  • Amanda Lund & Matt Gourley (GHOST GHIRLS web series) are writing WUNDERLAND, a Fox comedy about what it’s like to work at a place just like Disneyland that, of course, isn’t Disneyland. (We had our hopes up for about a second…but then we saw that Diablo Cody is the producer. So we’re going out on a limb to say that this one will probably be…meh.)
  • Erin Ehrlich (AWKWARD) is writing an unnamed NBC comedy about “young 20-something nursing students” and “their ups and downs.” (Aren’t you glad they included the word “young” as well as the actually, you know, age? Cuz otherwise we all might have thought they were old 20-somethings, right?)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/15/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Diablo Cody (UNITED STATES OF TERRA) is writing a Fox teen drama pilot called PRODIGY, about a home-schooled teenage genius who enters public high school, upon which, well, all hell breaks loose. (We aren’t Diablo Cody fans, but she does seem to know how to write high school kids – JUNO, remember – so here’s hoping.)
  • Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Scott Silvari (FRIENDS) & David Mandel (SEINFELD) are writing an NBC comedy pilot about a couple with grown children. (Yeppers, really, that’s the logline. So the next time somebody tells you TV only goes for “high concept” you can tell them to…heh, you know.)
  • Justin Spitzer (THE OFFICE) is adapting the ancient comedy film THE MONEY PIT into an NBC sitcom. (Proving that NBC has deftly targeted the geriatric demo. This definitely will give my grandparents something to live for.)
  • Jon Sherman (FRASIER) is writing an untitled TVLand comedy about “a 30-something woman as she navigates the executive ranks among her old-school male counterparts while her 20-something male assistant tries to make it amid his female-dominated peers. (Cuz…oops, sorry, turns out we can’t think of one single reason, real/fake/serious/funny for going with a premise like this. Maybe Jon’s related to somebody important?)
  • Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan (COMMUNITY) are writing the pilot for an ABC project to star comedian Kevin Hart. (Well, not actually to star him. He’s just the producer but says that if the network really, really, really wants him he might be willing to play a recurring role. Don’tcha love it when stars you’ve never heard of have so much leverage?)

  • Ehren Kruger (TRANSFORMERS) is writing the NBC pilot TIN MAN, about a fugitive robot accused of murder and the young woman public defender forced to fight for his cause. (LB’s praying for the success of this one cuz he’s already counting the money from a plagiarism suit based on the fact that one of his first published short stories was about a robot accused of murder too. We, frankly, are dubious about both possibilities.)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/7/12

“Writing for love is called art. Writing for money is called sticking it to the neighbors.” (Anon.)
  • Peter Mohan (DUE SOUTH, EERIE, INDIANA) has signed an overall deal with Canadian prodco Shaftesbury that will keep him busy on THE LISTENER, an international hit on CTV and Fox International Channels, through the end of 2013. (For those who claim TVWriter™ gives Canadian writers short shrift.)
  • Diablo Cody (UNITED STATES OF TARA, JUNO) is writing the pilot for an ABC comedy called ALEX + AMY, about a millennial guy and a Gen X woman in love. (For those who claim TVWriter™ gives ex-sex worker writers short shrift.)
  • Michael Jacobs (BOY MEETS WORLD) is writing the pilot for a sequel to BMW for Disney Channel. (Proving that TV execs think that a sequel featuring characters who are now adults adults belongs on kids’ TV, even though the show about these same characters as kids worked just fine on an adult – ABC – channel. Or, in other words, WTF?)
  • John Logan (SKYFALL) is reteaming with director Sam Mendes and writing a not yet named pilot “in the vein of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN for a not yet found network. (Proving that P.R. announcements can make even the most mundane spec script sound relatively interesting.)