Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/3/13

  • Shepard Boucher (MEN AT WORK) has written the ABC Family pilot MYSTERY GIRLS a drama about stars of a TV mystery show who also solve real crimes. (Let’s see now. TV’s been in homes since about 1948, right? So that means that some version or other of this concept has been worked on in every development season for 65 years. And still hasn’t succeeded. Hmm…)
  • Grant Levy & Dominik Rothbard (BUNHEADS) have written a sitcom pilot, also for ABC family, about a young woman who hires her mother to be her assistant. (That sound you just heard was our super long yawn. Or, to put it another way: Somebody thinks that’s interesting? WTF?)
  • Also on ABC Fam, David Holden (ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE) has written the pilot for YOUNG & HUNGRY, a comedy about a tech entrepreneur who hires a “feisty young woman” blogger as his personal chef. (Completing ABC Family’s Trifecta of Meh very nicely, we think.)
  • Chris Carter (um, a little thing called THE X-FILES) is writing an After the Apocalypse pilot for a show called, not surprisingly, THE AFTER for…Amazon? (Okay, that part is surprising. Has Chris’s career been so deeply down the toilet that this is the only place he can go to get flush again?)
  • Adam Fierro (JUSTIFIED) is writing the Fox pilot GRINGO about an American cop who gets caught up in a Mexican drug war when he moves to Mexico with his Mexican wife. (Okay, this one definitely reminds us of various arcs on NCIS. But at least it isn’t for ABC Family.)