Is Dan Harmon Coming Back to COMMUNITY?

Oh God, yet another picture of Dan Harmon? What’s wrong with us?

Let’s be frank here. We don’t know Dan Harmon, and we never really watched COMMUNITY all that much (the sight of Chevy Chase makes us gag), but Harmon’s our hero because:

  1. He ran the show his way, and seemed to exult in freaking out the suits regardless of the consequences. (Which, if you don’t know, were that he got fired.)
  2. He’s back in the news again today, kicking the butts of those who fired him and now, he says, want him back.

According to HollywoodWookie.Com, which judging from this report is a far cooler website than its name would imply, in a recent podcast Harmon told the audience that he’s been asked to return to the show he created and ran for 3 seasons on NBC. The article goes on to add that “He jokingly said that he would only return if they brought Chevy Chase back too but even he couldn’t stop laughing at that idea.”

We might have written all this off, but guess what? The Showbiz Bible AKA HollywoodReporter.Com said yesterday that it had confirmed the news, but “Details on just what role the former showrunner would have remain unclear.”

We at TVWriter™ of course have our own notion of what Harmon’s role should be: Master Prodder, Pricker & General Annoyance. In other words, NBC, don’t you fucking dare bring back Chevy. Recast the role with – aw, you guessed it – Dan (Not-so)Harmon(ious).