DAMAGES Returns, and We’re Intrigued

Now this is one kickass promo pic!

‘Damages’ Premiere Preview: 5 Things to Know
by Diane Gordon

Damages, one of the most intricately plotted dramas on TV, has been nominated for 19 Emmy Awards since its premiere in 2007, and boggled many minds over the same time span. This fifth and final season is sure to garner more raves as it features a dazzling array of stars and another tightly woven story. Here are five things to know as the season begins:

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We’re stopping here because that first paragraph just blew us away. 19 Emmy nominations, and we’ve never watched the show?! WTF is wrong with us, TVWriter™? That sort of ignorance is inexcusable. Ergo, right here, right now, publicly as all hell, we’re committing to giving DAMAGES the Full Monte Viewing Trial, and to reporting on the result when we’ve got it.

Thanks, Diane. (You’d damn well better be right!)