Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 12/2/12

Latest News About Writers Doing Better Than We Are

  • Chad St. John (RONIN) is writing the pilot for Cinemax’s KINGPIN, a drama about a drug dealer being manipulated by a dirty DEA agent who’s really a dirty CIA agent who…but you get the idea.
  • Lisa Loomer (GIRL, INTERRUPTED) is writing the English language pilot adaptation of the telenovela RUBI for Fox. It’s about a beautiful but poor woman who will do anything to become rich, even give up the man she loves…but you get that idea too, right?
  • Dave Holstein (WEEDS) is writing the pilot SLATY FORK for 20th TV, a comedy about a young woman cop and her father the former police chief plus other police and firefighters and…yeah, right, you’ve got that idea too now, eh?
  • Neal Baer (A GIFTED MAN) is developing/writing/producing UNDER THE DOME, based on a book by some dood named Stephen King for CBS, which already has ordered 13 episodes produced. The book is about a small New England town that’s suddenly sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous transparent dome and how its inhabitants survive without the internets…or something like that.