Study Says Studios “Unprepared For The Shift To ‘Must Experience TV'”

So, dammit, studios, get on the ball already. Jeeze.

(We’re sure that if we knew what “Must Experience TV” was we’d really be feeling passionate about the subject right now.)

by David Lieberman

EYlogoHere’s the most unintentionally creepy forecast in consulting firm EY’s thought-provoking Future Of Television report….

In making the case for producers to adjust to advancements in technology and data gathering, EY observes that we’re approaching a day when the TV will figure out what kind of programming to show. For example, if it recognizes by heart rate and breathing info that a person is working out then that “dictates upbeat music videos. Dopamine levels dropping? Viewer preference suggests it’s time to select something from a roster of favorite comedies to cheer the viewer up.”

That’s extreme, but illustrates why EY — following “thousands of hours of dialogue with media executives and thought leaders” — believes that many media companies “have not yet begun to address” the profound changes ahead….

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