SOLVED: The Mystery of “Galactus is NIGH”

A TVWriter™ Exclusive!

Monday we posted about a Facebook page called “Galactus is NIGH, which had “almost 300 pics” of Comic-Con cosplayers holding up signs about an impending world-eating disaster, ending with the heartwrenching plea, “So if anyone knows anything about this…let us in on it, okay?”

(FTR: As of this writing there are almost 400 such pics on the site.)

Well, today our crack staff of investigative journalists is proud to bring you the answer, direct from the mouth of our new friend, Alfredo, who’s entirely responsible for the weekend panic in San Diego’s normally too-crowded-to-move streets. In his own writ:

The idea of the sign GALACTUS IS NIGH came from the comic book WATCHMEN. In the comic Rorschach carries around a sign that says THE END IS NIGH, and I was thinking what else brings the end, Galactus from the marvel universe. So I combined both ideas and that’s how I came up with the sign.

I was aware of the other protesters with the FEAR GOD signs, but my sign was not created to counter their signs, well not at first. I created my sign because I didn’t have a costume that year. I had my camera with me and I wanted to take pictures of cosplayers, but if I showed my friends the pictures they wouldn’t believe that I took t[them], so as proof I asked the cosplayers if they would hold the sign. And when I got home I wanted to put the pictures on Facebook, but I took so many picture I wanted more than my friends to see them.

So I created the page. And this was all on Thursday, the first day of comic con.

In other words, Alfredo e-mailed us when he heard we were sleuthing, saving TVWriter™ a whole lot of time and expense (and possibly a little fun too, dammit!) while proving he’s a good guy.

Thank you, Alfredo, for allowing the world to breathe a sigh of relief because Galactus isn’t really coming after all, whew, praise de Lawd, and all that good stuff. ‘Cuz we were really worried there for a minute. Especially LB, who, when he was writing-producing primetime cop shows was always getting in trouble because real life idiots copied his characters’ crimes – and was worried that now it was Galactus marching to his TV tune. Or, as LB told us:

“The signals from our old THE SILVER SURFER animated series have been traveling through space for about 15 years now, and I kept thinking, “What if they worm-holed their way to Galactus? What if he was on the way to earth to copycat the episode where he almost ate us How would I ever be able to live with the guilt?”

Um, sorry, Lar, but that guilt thingie was the least you’d have to concern yourself with, know what we mean?

So our lives remain unthreatened and all is well. But, just to be on the safe side, y’all, maybe you shouldn’t forget to “Watch the skies.”

Erm, looks like we can forget the skies and concentrate on something closer to home…