‘Sleepy Hollow’ Story Headed for TV?

…Set in modern day? By the geniuses who took everything the slightest bit Roddenberryish out of STAR TREK? Yikes!

Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci Pitching Modern ‘Sleepy Hollow’ TV Show With Len Wiseman To Direct
by Kevin Jagernauth

After their attempt at non-explosions filmmaking earlier this summer with “People Like Us” fizzled out, it looks like “Transformers” and “Star Trek” franchise writers/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are going back to their bread and butter. Only this time, it’s in the shape of Hollywood’s latest favorite trend — take very old (and more importantly, likely copyright free) fairy tales and popular stories, and goosing them up for modern audiences. And the latest to get the treatment is Washington Irving’s “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.”

The duo are currently pitching “Sleepy Hollow,” a reworking of the story of Ichabod Crane that will take place in a contemporary setting, partner him up with female sheriff, and the pair will solve the supernatural mysteries of a town in the midst of a battle between good and evil. This sounds predictably pretty terrible, and if you’re going to remake “Sleepy Hollow” but then remove the period setting it’s known for, it seems entirely pointless to us. But we’re not producers making millions of dollars, are we? Anyway, Kurtzman and Orci and teaming with Phillip Iscove to write the script, with the thoroughly uninspired choice of Len Wiseman to direct.

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You really should click above to get the full benefit of Kevin Jagernauth’s delicious outrage. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Well, maybe we could, but it would’ve taken way too much work. Muchas gracias, Kev!

EDITED TO ADD: Holy crap, Sony sold this project to Fox Network. Somebody get us some of those Fox Network drugs!

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Holy another crap,  the CW is developing a whole ‘nuther modern day SLEEPY HOLLOW thing with writers Grant Scharbo and Patrick Macmanus, formerly writers on the short-lived ABC series, MISSING. And this one’s premise sounds just as scornworthy as Sony’s.

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