Simon & Schuster Opens Self-Publishing Service

Is this really what we think it is? Cuz no matter how you spin it, this looks to us like a big-time Old Media company working like mad to take the “self” out of self-publishing:

 by Jason Boog (GalleyCat)

Simon & Schuster has created  Archway Publishing to help writers self-publish fiction, nonfiction, business and children’s books.

They will run the new service with help from Author Solutions, the self-publishing company acquired by Pearson for $116 million in July.

Archway Publishing will include “editorial, design, distribution and marketing services” for its authors, all these tools coming from Author Solutions. Fiction options range from $1,999 Author package to the $14,999 Publicist package. The business book options start at $2,199 and go as high as $24,999.

You can read about pricing options and royalties in the company FAQ at this link. Here’s more from the release:

…the following services will be Archway Publishing exclusives: Concierge Service – Authors will have the option to work with a dedicated publishing guide who will coordinate each step of the book production process. Bookseller Catalog – Archway titles will be included in Edelweiss, the leading, industry-wide online catalog available to major retailers, wholesalers, libraries, bloggers and thousands of industry professionals. The Archway Speakers Bureau, powered by Speakerfile, helps authors connect to a world of potential speaking opportunities and establish themselves as credible voices in their fields. Premier Video Production and Distribution– Archway authors will have the opportunity to create high-quality videos and book trailers for distribution to major online video networks.

Hmm. Sounds like a lotta $$$ that could be better spent elsewhere to us. Another way for rich hobbyists to make themselves look cool, while those w/o the dough limp along on our own. But what do we know?

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