Robin Reed Sees ALPHAS

I have now seen two (count ’em) two episodes of “Alphas.” My immediate response is, “Hey Alphas, The X-Men called and they want their plot back.”

Let’s see, an “inevitable war between normal people and alphas,” the government imprisoning alphas because they are a threat to normal people, a shadowy character who wants to lead the bad alphas to that inevitable war, a professor who tries to teach the good alphas to control their abilities and use them for good…shall I go on?

Maybe this is the “inevitable plot” when you deal with superpowers, but do so many of the details need to be so familiar?

I do like the autistic kid, though. Hi, Gary.


Author: Rreed423

Robin Reed is a writer and cartoonist. She has been published in a number of publications and has novels and short stories online at every possible ebook site.