Quick! Name the One Choice the Teen Choice Awards Don’t Offer

The Teen Choice Awards were held last night, and guess what winner wasn’t picked?

Why, that’s right. You’re amazing. There was no “Best Teleplay” or “Best Screenplay” award. No “Best Teleplay” or “Best Screenplay” category either.

We know, we know…teens don’t pay attention to the creators of their beloved shows and films and can’t be expected to. Only – they do. At least, when it came to books we and our friends certainly knew who the good writers were not so long ago when we were that age…and the bad ones too.

Are these teens or pre-teens? God, I’m all of 26 and I already can’t tell

So why can’t teenagers be aware of the writing and the writers that underlie the TV shows movies they watch? What if we went way beyond not expecting them to know and insteadtrained them to pay attention to the writers (and, maybe, the directors and producers, although we at TVWriter™ really don’t give a Disney about them)?

How would such training take place? Simple – by making “Best Teleplay” and “Best Screenplay” categories. Putting the winning writers on the air. Glorifying them just the way we do the stars whose jobs are to say the writers’ words?

Nothing’s better at creating public awareness than TV, remember?

Just sayin’.

Yes, this is a toddler agent, the perfect match for a teen writer. Those of you who know the Biz know how perfect this is.