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Some authors actually are ‘techies’ others are, well, not.

I fall into the second catagory.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I’m getting a new computer and I’m going to do my very best to not stress out over it. Yeah, right.

Now, I’m a lucky non-techie writer. It’s true. I have a brother who is in IT, he’s great, and has promised to save me if I really mess up. He’d be willing to come over right now, but I have my pride and I want to learn to do these things – well at least the basics.

So he assured me I have the basics to set the thing up.

So I spent a good deal of time last week backing everything up from my current computer – twice. I can’t help it, I’m paranoid on techie stuff. Anyway it’s backed up twice.

Now the good part. Because Windows Vista long ago screwed up my Email royally I started using Sea Monkey and that was great. Problem is now there is no simple way to move my important Emails to my new computer (my brother could do it, but as I said I’m trying to do most of this myself). So I’m forwarding important emails to my gmail account where at least I’ll have an archive if I need it. Still, it’s a process so I don’t confuse myself.

See what I mean? Techie ignorant.

Okay, so I have the new computer, I figure step one I’ll just hook it up and turn it on to experience (and no doubt freak out over the learning curve) Windows 8 (which I fervently hope won’t screw up my email, my screenwriting program, my printer and pretty much everything else Vista screwed up).

Did I mention I’m keeping my screen because I love it and want to keep it until it dies? I am. It’s a great screen. Non-reflective, flat, wide screen.

So I get my new wireless keyboard and mouse ready. Check!

Then I go to plug cable leading from screen into computer – WTF! the plug is totally different! Nobody told me that! Now I have to go to the store tomorrow and get a new cable (this should be good; explaining what I need to people who speak geek). I could go today but I do have some actual work I need to get done! Arrgh!

So, plainly, as you can see, this is going to be a process for me which will no doubt include a great deal of screaming, cursing and probably a visit from my brother (no I’m not going to call him on Christmas Eve – actually he’ll be here, but I’m not going to talk computers).

This is as far as I’ve gotten. I haven’t even been able to turn the new computer on yet because what good would that do without a screen to see anything on? I have my dog here in my office for comfort – dogs are so good that way. He gives me the “I love you” stare when I want to throw something across the room. Good Dog!

It truly is a miracle I don’t break something when I go through this – and I don’t do it very often. The computer I’m replacing is over 8 years old, an antique by computer standards. And this is exactly why I keep it so long.

So this time I have a plan. Not only does my new computer have a tetrabite of memory (huh?) but I have an external hard drive I plug in and back up everything as I go. That way not only am I backed up as I should be but I’ll have everything I need to transfer next time already on a drive I just have to plug into the USB (what the heck do those letters mean?) drive – that is unless they change the plug on me.

Now all I have to do is get the cable to connect the screen, turn it on, connect the cable for internet and get the wireless to work for the other computers in the house, then download all the programs I need again and get the Adobe Story screenwriting connection I want to try out. That is IF the wireless keyboard and mouse actually work and everything finds each other.

Oh boy. Sigh.

Adrift on the sea of adventure yet again.

If this is easier for you than me, please, tell me. If you want to commiserate, feel free. Tale of computer wars – add it to the list below.

Oh, and happy holidays!

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