Peer Production: The SUPERMAN Film That Didn’t Happen


You remember it, right? Sure. You must. SUPERMAN LIVES, written by Kevin Smith, directed by Tim Burton, and starring Nic Cage.


Outrageous. Absurd. A travesty.

And yet…we admit it. We would’ve watched. Paid to watch even. (Just not retail, you know?)


Well, the bottom line here is that such a film was indeed planned in 1998 and then scrapped. And if you’d like to know who, what, where, when, how, and – maybe because we know how secretive (read, “full of shit”) Hollywood types are – why, you have your best chance so far at getting the answers from:

Don’t click here. This isn’t live. But if you look down a couple lines, all will be – hehe – revealed.

Jon Schnepp’s looking for a shade under $100,000 to make the film that will fill all of us in. We say we should all jump on this project now. So clasp your mouse, close your eyes, and CLICK HERE!

What do you mean, we didn’t click? Shit, you opened your eyes, didn’t you? You aren’t supposed to do that. Talk about having no honor…

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