Peer Production: MIRAGE Shows That Its Makers are Ready for the Pros

Hi Iker! Hi Dana!

In other words, there’s absolutely nothing the slightest bit amateurish about this animated student film. Not a moment that doesn’t sing, “Hire me!”

But is that a good thing?

After all, the biz already has tons of professional animation writers/directors/etc who turn out stuff like this all the time. Don’t Iker Maidagan, Dana Terrace, and their School of Visual Arts (Is this primarily a trade school? Is that the thing?) gang want to show that they can do something different? Something new and exciting that makes working with them a must?

If you start your career echoing all the cliches of your medium, where do you go from there? Upward to something new? Will those who hire you because you give them exactly what they’ve seen (and heard) before ever want to pay you to do what’s deep in your soul? Will they even believe that you have something else down there, let alone the ability to bring it to life?

MIRAGE is an excellently done video, on that everyone can agree. But we would’ve liked it better if it presented something – anything – in some way that we could have argued about.

Cuz that would’ve shown that it made us care.

And caring is what creating real art is all about.