Peer Production: CREEPORIA

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Once upon a time, way back before we were born, our boss, LB, ran into a little problem with his retirement, as in, “Holy shit, I’m outta money! Now what do I do?”

What he did was leave Santa Fe, NM, where he’d hunkered down, and return to L.A., embarking on a new career writing/showrunning TV animation series. His first animation gig was in 1994 as a writer for SPIDER-MAN on Fox Kids Network.

Running the show (as LB tells it, sneaking in good stuff whenever Executive Producer Avi Arad’s broad back was turned), was a very talented guy called John Semper. And, as big a cheese as he has been in TV animation, John is now devoting his energies to web series. Specifically this delightfully retro web series:

Don’tcha love it when pros see the light?

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