Who Needs Publishers? Or, For That Matter, Agents?

eBooks Top Hardcover Revenues in Q1 of 2012

By Jason Boog

Net sales revenue from eBooks have surpassed hardcover books in the first quarter of 2012.

According to the March Association of American Publishers (AAP) net sales revenue report (collecting data from 1,189 publishers), adult eBook sales were $282.3 million while adult hardcover sales counted $229.6 million during the first quarter of 2012. During the same period last year, hardcover accounted for $335 million in sales while eBooks logged $220.4 million.

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Louis C.K. Gives the World the Writer’s Perspective on LOUIE, Season Three

And he does it, of course, with his traditional style and grace!

For our money (not that we have much) LOUIE’s the best comedy on television now that BORED TO DEATH is – sniff – dead.

And, speaking of BORED TO DEATH, some French tweeter says that Ted Danson says it’s returning to LIFE 

Charlie Sheen Returneth

…And with a series that at least one of the trades likes. (Blessing? Or kiss of death? You decide.)

Anger Management: TV Review

Who would have thought that Charlie Sheen’s new series, Anger Management, would be the only show on FX without a TV-MA rating?

No doubt people thought Sheen’s return to a television series after his well-publicized brouhaha with CBS and departure fromTwo and a Half Men would result in some kind of nude-hooker hootenanny with f-bombs aplenty and graphic content meant to offend.

But no. Anger Management is really just a slightly more content-dangerous network sitcom. Having watched the two episodes that FX sent along, it’s easy to wonder why the series truly isn’t on a broadcast network rather than FX, the ad-supported pay cable channel where even the animated series are TV-MA.

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NBC’s Fall 2012 Series Premieres to Come Early

…probably because the only way they have a chance of getting an audience is if they’re on unopposed.

(Except for ANIMAL PRACTICE, above, because one of its writer-producers is TVWriter™ alum Curtis Gwinn.)

NBC Sets Fall Premiere Dates: Most New Series To Debut Early, ‘Animal Practice’ & ‘Go On’ Get Olympics Previews


Premiere week will be all but for NBC this year as the network will open only one series, veteran Law & Order: SVU, in the traditional broadcast launch week, instead staggering its fall rollout over two months, from mid-August until mid-October. NBC will use its coverage of the summer Olympics and NFL football as launch pads for most of its new shows. Two of them, comedies Go On and Animal Practice, will get commercial-free previews during the Olympics — the Matthew Perry starrer Go On on Aug. 8 and the Justin Kirk-starring Animal Practice on Aug. 12, following the Olympics closing ceremony. On the next night, NBC will premiere the new Mark Burnett-Dick Wolf competition reality series Stars Earn Stripes. It will lead into the second season premiere of Grimm, which is already in production and will get an early run in the Monday 10 PM slot before moving to its regular Friday 9 PM berth on Sept. 14.

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But Will It Get You a Writing Staff Job?

MediaBistro.Com alerts us to a new app to make job searches easier. Even, they say, for writing jobs. Anyone up to trying this for TV writing? We’ll be happy to post your adventures if you do.

Jojari App Matches Your LinkedIn Page with Job Openings

By Jason Boog

Sick of sifting through pages and pages of job openings that don’t match your resume?

The new Jojari app helps you find a job by matching your LinkedIn page with online job openings. You simply sign into the service using your LinkedIn account, and the search engine will list the best matches. If you don’t want to use LinkedIn, the service also lets you upload your resume to perform the same search.

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