ABC Family, NOW AND THEN, and Marlene King

Quick Quiz: What do ABC Family, the film NOW AND THEN, and Marlene King have in common?

ABC Family Developing NOW AND THEN TV Series
by Margaret Lyons

Before she was the showrunner for Pretty Little Liars, I. Marlene King wrote the screenplay for the 1995 slumber-party staple Now and Then. Now there’s talk of her combining these treasures into a Now and Then–based TV series for ABC Family, Variety reports. King and the network are still in the early stages of developing the show, so a finished product is pretty far off — but that just gives us more time to figure out how to LARP inside the idea of a TV show. Except for Ashleigh Aston Moore, who died in 2007, the actresses who played the kids in the movie are now juuuust about the right age to play the grown-ups in this new imagining …

Quick Quiz Answer: We TV writing mayvens of TVWriter™ have never watched anything involving any of the above. But we’re always happy to write about writers who succeed, especially when they get to make a deal based on material they’ve been loving on for almost 20 years.

Besides, this City of Bones thing in Marlene’s pic looks awesome, doesn’t it? And it starts shooting any day.