Run, do not walk to San Diego. (Okay, you can fly/drive too.)

Community – The new showrunners will be at Comic-Con
by Bunky Bunk

Moses Port and David Guarascio, the guys who’re replacing Dan Harmon, will be on stage to chat with Human Beings at Comic-Con, on Friday, July 13 at 10 AM in San Diego Convention Center’s Ballroom 20.

Russ Krasnoff will be on stage as well. He isn’t credited as writer but he has executive produced Community from day one — he was at Comic-Con last year as well… Megan Ganz and Andy Bobrow, two (great) writers on the show since season 2, will join them on stage alongside the cast : Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie & Yvette Nicole Brown. Ken Jeong is shooting a movie, Oscar winner Jim Rash is directing his first film (The Way, Way Backstarring Steve Carell), Donald Glover has a concert, and Chevy Chase can’t make it (but fear not, Pierce will be back for season 4).

Writers on panels! Writers being publicized! Squee!


Hot off the presses at SpoilerTV:

Political Animals – Pilot Review
by Kyle

USA Network takes a dive into the world of dirty sexy American politics in the hotly anticipated limited series event, Political Animals.

Starring Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver, the series follows Elaine Barrish(Weaver) whose marriage to the philandering former U.S. President Bud Hammond (Ciarán Hinds) comes to an end after 32 years. Two years later, Elaine is working for current President Paul Garcetti (Adrian Pasdar) as the Secretary of State after losing against him in the previous election. With her ex-husband still an impending force in her life, Elaine’s family, which also includes poster child Douglas (James Wolk) and reckless screw-up TJ (Sebastian Stan) is further complicated by the ravenous D.C. journalist Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) who is hell-bent on destroying Elaine’s reputation and career.

The pilot episode quickly develops a cast of intriguing characters and provocatively complex storylines set in the backdrop of D.C. politics. Sigourney Weaver is brilliant in the leading role, with her verbal sparring against Gugino’s journalist character immensely entertaining to watch on screen. Sebastian Stan is also a major highlight as the openly gay train-wreck younger son of the family. The series is certainly more scandalous and gritty than the lighter more comedic fare USA Network generally offers, but this is a welcome change to their slate of programming, and proof that the network is ready to develop more sophisticated programs to compete with other cable networks like HBO and Showtime.

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This review has done what it’s supposed to: It has made us want to see the show. But…

“Scandalous and gritty?” With actors who look the ones in the pic? Actors who, thanks to the miracles of Photoshop, bear no resemblance whatsoever to real people? (And probably to themselves as well. We mean, that’s Sigourney Weaver?)

Wait, we apologize. It actually says “more scandalous and gritty than the [usual] fare USA Network…offers.” Well, of course. Even ONCE UPON A TIME is that.

Well, we’re still gonna watch.

Why Live TV Can Never Be Replaced

Just sayin’.

The CW’s CULT Sounds Pretty Damn Good…

…Let’s  hope it lives up to what is, for TV addicts, a fascinating premise.

TV Pilot Preview: The CW’s ‘Cult’
by Philiana Ng

It won’t launch until midseason, but the CW is edging into darker territory with Cult, from executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

The show’s premise is a bit complicated to understand, but long story short, Cult follows a journalist (Matt Davis) and production assistant (Jessica Lucas) on a popular crime series, also called Cult, who investigate a series of disappearances linked to the show — many of them diehard fans who may be recreating crimes committed on the series.

The Hollywood Reporter screened the pilot for the drama and as part of our Fall Preview 2012 offer the five things you need to know about the series before its launch.

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This article gave us not five, but a solid three things we’re glad we now know:

  1. CULT has a the kind of insider premise that only an insider like Josh Schartz could sell, which – yes – makes us both hate and love him
  2. The CW has a chance here to redeem itself after years of “Jesus-Can-You-Believe-How-Dumb-This-Is?!” disappointing shows
  3. The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t deserve all the bad press sites that run its material as their own keep giving it (you know who you are) because it really does function beautifully as a primary source for Most Things TV

So there ya go.

Interview with Jeff Eastin, the Man Behind WHITE COLLAR

We love reading interviews with creators/showrunners/writers about their series. Because, let’s face it, nobody knows what it’s all about better than they do. No, not even the stars. Except maybe Nathan Fillion because we absolutely buy into the idea that Nate Knows It All. But that’s for another post(s). Anyway:

Jeff Eastin Talks WHITE COLLAR Season 4, His New TV Series GRACELAND, and What Happened to His TRUE LIES Sequel Script
by Christina Radish

On the hit USA Network drama series White Collar, the unique partnership between slick con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) was upended in the highly buzzed about season three finale when Neal fled the country with Mozzie (Willie Garson).  The critically acclaimed series returns for a dramatic fourth season, exploring Burke’s fate with the FBI, the whereabouts of Caffrey, and whether or not their relationship will ever be the same again.  This will also be the season that Caffrey finally digs deeper into his family, in his search for answers about who he really is and where he comes from.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, show creator/executive producer/writerJeff Eastin talked about figuring out how to get out of what they set up in the Season 3 finale, shooting on location in Puerto Rico, the direction they’re going in Season 4, the addition of Treat Williams for an arc on the show, how tricky it is to dive into the past of a character (Neal Caffrey) that’s been set up for three seasons now, and whether viewers might ever get to see a cross-over episode with White Collar and one of the other USA Network shows.   He also talked about how his newest TV series Graceland (which follows a group of DEA, FBI and U.S. Customs agents, whose worlds collide when they are forced to live together in an undercover beach house in Southern California) is going, what it will be like to juggle two USA shows that will shoot on opposite coasts, and what exactly happened to the unused True Lies sequel script that he wrote.  Check out what he had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.

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