Not a Contest! Not a Contest! Well, Sort of a Contest…

Robin Reed, a PHINEAS & FERB fan from wayback (even further back than last Tuesday) has drawn this homage to Disney’s Surrealist Duo (+ their pal Perry):

Robin sees this as being “about” the series. We, however, see it as much, much more.

Mainly, as a challenge.

Because to us this bit of artwork is a cartoon without a punchline.

And we can’t stand to see anything that isn’t finished.


Welcome to the new improved TVWriter™ ‘s first Not A Contest. We’re doing this for two reasons:

  1. The last time we held a small, impromptu contest that had a prize we kept putting off sending the two winners their prizes, resulting in being unable to remember who they were – and, we admit, what the contest was about when we finally attempted to make good. The result: Two mystery contest winners who probably are mightily P.O.ed. (If you’re reading this and you’re one of the two, email us ASAP with what you wrote/said/did in order to win and we will send you your prize, we promise.)
  2. Because we’re on as tight a budget as any business could possibly be and still pay its rent, the only prizes we have are the ones left over from (1) above, which we have to hold onto just in case the winners make themselves known. (And, really, please, please do.)

So, to make your entry worthwhile, what you get for winning this Not A Contest will be…you got it: Not A Prize. Nothing you can use or spend or cuddle with on a cold, lonely night. Nothing tangible whatsoever.

The Winner will, however, get an opportunity. A chance to be proclaimed a winner right here on this site. And, maybe – if we remember – in an email announcement, or a Facebook update, or a tweet, or something. Pretty darn great, huh?

Now that we have you on the edge of your seats, here’s what this Not A Contest is all about:

We want you to provide the punchline for Robin Reed’s probable copyright infringement of a drawing, above. It can have to do with PHINEAS & FERB, which might help our defense if Disney’s lawyers come calling. (“Hey, we’re giving you publicity! Why’re you on our case?”) Or it can have to do with something – anything – else, which might also help our defense. (“Hey, the punchline doesn’t even mention your show, so this isn’t really about it at all. Why’re you on our case?”)

What your punchline does have to do is BE FUNNY.

The floor’s open. Let the levity ensue.

(Post your entries in the Comments below. Multiple entries welcome.

We're looking forward to your comments!

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