Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 10/28/12


“Write to tell a story, not to sell a story” (Gerald Sanford of BARNABY JONES, KNIGHTRIDER, etc. writing fame)
  • Margaret Nagle (SENSE & SENSIBILITY) is writing the pilot for the Fox sitcom PARADISE FALLS, about a documentary maker investigating a “Memphis Three” type story. (Everyplace else on the web talks about the producer of this project like he’s kind of a big deal. So we’ll leave him nameless here.)
  • David Hubbard (something called NOEL) is writing THE RETURN OF DANIEL SHEPHERD for HBO. (Everyplace else on the web neglects to tell what this project actually is – a pilot or a TV movie or what. We aren’t telling either. Not our fault, honest – the inept press release doesn’t say.)
  • Terry George (HOTEL RWANDA) is writing THE CLAN for ABC. (Um, nope we don’t have info on whether this is a pilot because the same inept P.R. team as above hasn’t said. But to atone for that, this time around we’ll tell you who the featured player in this deal talked about on all the other sites is: Charlize Theron, who’s producing. No comment on her value in that, erm, position.)
  • Thomas Bradshaw (playwright whose work includes THE BEREAVED) is writing a drama pilot for HBO about a black college president. (The Big Gun here is Oprah Winfrey, who’s company is producing. Ask not why her own network isn’t presenting this. The answer, we’re sure, would be, “$$$$,” as in “too much.”)

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  1. GERALD SANFORD — ‘WRITING FAME’ ?!!! Hardly! Although thanks to me the great JOSE FELICIANO wrote ‘ANGELA’! Who can ask anything more than that. Thank you, Lawrence. Oh, by the way, Quinn mentioned you were doing another ‘BARNABY JONES’. WOW! Can hardly wait to read it. Yeah…right. gs

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