Netflix Rockin’ Out with 2 Mil New Members

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings For Those Who Wonder What the Power Players Look Like
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings For Those Who Wonder What the Power Players Look Like

by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

…Because of the success of its new series.

No, they don’t say it quite that way, but if all the cop shows we’ve watched over the past decades have taught us anything it’s that “there are no coincidences.”  And considering that the big gains come hand in hand with the addition of original dramas like  HOUSE OF CARDS, the handwriting’s on the wall.

Here’s how Cliff edwards put it over at Bloomberg:

Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings has positioned Netflix as the undisputed leader in online video, recovering momentum he lost two years ago after pricing and product missteps, by adding original shows and exclusive studio deals. With 29.2 million U.S. customers, Netflix has passed Time Warner Inc. (TWX)’s HBO, according to data from SNL Kagan.

And Hastings himself  put it like this in a letter to investors:

The launch of ‘House of Cards’ provided a halo effect on our entire service…Long term, we believe the value of our original series in driving acquisition and retention improvements will be borne out as we add more seasons of already popular shows like ‘House of Cards’ and further series.

TVWriter™’s Big Questions, of course, are:

  1. Will the fact that original programming has, in effect, saved this company translate into more shows that give good, solid gigs to more writers?
  2. Will broadcast networks and cable channels copy Netflix’s bold move of releasing all episodes of HOUSE OF CARDS at the same time?
  3. How will HBO fight back?

As they used to say back in the days when the phrase meant something: Stay tuned.