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Serious bizness, yah. But I can’t help it. This strikes me as, um, well, erm funny:

1 picture is worth a million words of complaint (The violence definitely isn’t funny. The official reaction to it, OTOH…)

Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Receives Threat of Legal Action From Government of Lebanon – by Team TVWriter Press Service (via UK Telegraph)

The award-winning Showtime drama “Homeland” has received a legal threat from Lebanon, with the country’s minister of tourism expressing outrage at Beirut’s portrayal by the show as a city filled with terrorists, reports the U.K.’s Telegraph.

The story was reported before Beirut was rocked Friday by a deadly car bombing.

“We are following the case legally. I raised this at the cabinet meeting and the president asked the minister for justice and the minister of communications to see what can be done,” said Fady Abboud, the country’s tourism minister. He called the show’s portrayal of Beirut a “serious misrepresentation.”

“I am calling on all young Lebanese adults to do what they need to do — to write blogs, to call the BBC and CNN to try to raise awareness that Beirut is not a city of Kalashnikov and war,” he added, according the story.

Besides airing on Showtime, “Homeland” is also seen internationally. For example, in the U.K. it’s shown on Channel 4.

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Ain’t nuthin’ munchy loves more than self-righteous and totally self-serving indignation. Ahh…