munchman: Whoa, I am Lovin’ on Ernie Kovacs

…No matter how dead he is.

Which is my sweet, munchy, little way of saying that the very nice people at Shout! Factory have sent us a review copy of The Ernie Kovacs Collection: Volume 2, and I’m very glad I managed to, um, talk LB into giving it to me to review.

Kovacs was one of television’s founding fathers of comedy, goosing TV with his weirdness in the ’50s. To say he was offbeat is to barely scratch the surface. A true original, Ernie Kovacs was Bizarro without the white face, and you can spot his influence in the Monty Phython gang, the Muppets, and just about everything on Adult Swim.

Don’t just sit there, see for yourselves.

Did you know that we’ve written about Ernie Kovacs before?

(Hey, LB, didja see that? I played it straight. All the way through. Can we talk about you actually, like, paying me something for this gig now? I promise to return the DVD. For reals. Sure…)